Districts of Bahamas

The top level adminstrative region in the Bahamas is the District. The Bahamas are currently divided into 31 Districts with the Island of Providence forming a separate area controlled by the central government.

List of Bahamas Districts
District NameTypeISO CodeFIPS Code
Acklins DistrictAKBF24
Berry Islands DistrictBYBF32
Bimini DistrictBIBF05
Black Point DistrictBPBF36
Cat Island DistrictCIBF06
Central Abaco DistrictCOBF37
Central Andros DistrictCSBF38
Central Eleuthera DistrictCEBF39
City of Freeport DistrictFPBF25
Crooked Island DistrictCKBF40
East Grand Bahama DistrictEGBF41
Exuma DistrictEXBF10
Grand Cay DistrictGCBF42
Harbour Island DistrictHIBF22
Hope Town DistrictHTBF43
Inagua DistrictINBF13
Long Island DistrictLIBF15
Mangrove Cay DistrictMCBF44
Mayaguana DistrictMGBF16
Moore's Island DistrictMIBF45
New Providence Federal District
North Abaco DistrictNOBF46
North Andros DistrictNSBF47
North Eleuthera DistrictNEBF48
Ragged Island DistrictRIBF18
Rum Cay DistrictRCBF49
San Salvador DistrictSSBF35
South Abaco DistrictSOBF50
South Andros DistrictSABF51
South Eleuthera DistrictSEBF52
Spanish Wells DistrictSWBF53
West Grand Bahama DistrictWGBF54
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