Districts of Cayman Islands

The top level adminstrative region in Cayman Islands is the District. Cayman Islands is subdivided into 6 Districts. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are considered one District called the Sister Islands. Below they are listed separetely to display the distinct population of each. Each district has a manager and primarily serve as electoral and census areas.

Bodden Town
Cayman Brac
East End
George Town
Little Cayman
North Side
West Bay
List of Cayman Islands Districts
District NameTypePopulation (2010)Area (SqKm)Pop. Density
Bodden Town District1054356.65186.11
Cayman Brac District209838.6954.23
East End District140752.7026.7
George Town District2808933.27844.27
Little Cayman District19828.756.89
North Side District147939.0737.86
West Bay District1122218.05621.72
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