Provinces of Democratic Republic of the Congo

The top administrative level in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the Province. Until February 2015, DR Congo was divided into 11 provinces. In 2006 a new constitution divided the country into 26 provinces. The 26 provinces were not implemented officially until February of 2015.

List of Democratic Republic of the Congo Provinces
Province NameTypePopulationArea (Km²)
Bas-Uélé Province1093845148331
Équateur Province1626606103902
Haut-Katanga Province3960945132425
Haut-Lomami Province2540127108204
Haut-Uélé Province192086789683
Ituri Province424123665658
Kasaï Province319989195631
Kasaï Oriental Province27024309481
Kasaï-Central Province297680659111
Kinshasa City89512489965
Kongo Central Province373459453929
Kwango Province199403689974
Kwilu Province214441578219
Lomami Province204883956010
Lualaba Province1677288121308
Mai-Ndombe Province1768327127465
Maniema Province1908770132520
Mongala Province179356458141
Nord-Kivu Province746064259483
Nord-Ubangi Province148207656644
Sankuru Province1374239105000
Sud-Kivu Province505034865070
Sud-Ubangi Province274434551648
Tanganyika Province2482009134940
Tshopo Province2614630199567
Tshuapa Province1316855132940
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