Cantons of Switzerland

The top level adminstrative region in Switzerland (The Swiss Confederation) is the Canton. Switzerland consists of 26 Cantons, 6 of which are considered half cantons. Cantons are also known as Kanton (German), Cantone (Italian) and Chantun (Romansh). The cantons have a permanent constitutional status and, in comparison with the situation in other countries, a high degree of independence. Under the Federal Constitution, all 26 cantons are equal in status. Each canton has its own constitution, and its own parliament, government and courts.

List of Switzerland Cantons
Canton FlagCanton NamePopulationArea (Km²)
Aargau FlagAargau 6363621404
Appenzell Ausserrhoden FlagAppenzell Ausserrhoden 53691243
Appenzell Innerrhoden FlagAppenzell Innerrhoden 15778173
Basel-Landschaft FlagBasel-Landschaft 281112518
Basel-Stadt FlagBasel-Stadt 19596237
Bern FlagBern 10012815959
Fribourg FlagFribourg 2976221671
Geneva FlagGeneva 479158282
Glarus FlagGlarus 39593685
Graubünden FlagGraubünden 1949597105
Jura FlagJura 71738839
Lucerne FlagLucerne 3903491493
Neuchâtel FlagNeuchâtel 176402803
Nidwalden FlagNidwalden 41888276
Obwalden FlagObwalden 36507491
Schaffhausen FlagSchaffhausen 78783298
Schwyz FlagSchwyz 151396908
Solothurn FlagSolothurn 261437790
St. Gallen FlagSt. Gallen 4916992026
Thurgau FlagThurgau 260278991
Ticino FlagTicino 3465392812
Uri FlagUri 358651077
Valais FlagValais 3270115224
Vaud FlagVaud 7493733212
Zug FlagZug 118118239
Zürich FlagZürich 14218951729
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