Districts of Anguilla

The top level adminstrative region in Anguilla is the District. Anguilla is subdivided into 14 Districts.

Blowing Point
East End
George Hill
Island Harbour
North Hill
North Side
Sandy Ground
Sandy Hill
South Hill
Stoney Ground
The Farrington
The Quarter
The Valley
West End
List of Anguilla Districts
District NameTypePopulation (2011)Postal CodeArea (SqKm)Pop. Density
Blowing Point District870AI-26405.15168.93
East End District671AI-26404.98134.74
George Hill District879AI-26405.98146.99
Island Harbour District988AI-26406.08162.5
North Hill District464AI-26401.31354.2
North Side District1980AI-26408.99220.24
Sandy Ground District230AI-26401.14201.75
Sandy Hill District636AI-26406.6196.22
South Hill District1722AI-26406.05284.63
Stoney Ground District1549AI-26407.43208.48
The Farrington District624AI-26404.50138.67
The Quarter District959AI-26403.17302.52
The Valley District1067AI-26402.72392.28
West End District813AI-26408.07100.74
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